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 k john read this

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PostSubject: k john read this   Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:54 am

ok dizzy told me emma hacked me this morning i said nah i never got hacked john cleard my bank but then you got on and i asked u and you told me i xfered my bank and was rageing and you deleted the acc i xfered it to,well theres a few problems with that,i never flamed the server and shit,i never xferd my bank,i never did any or that,i got on my acc my bank was gone,but i was still mod so i figured u cleared my bank but now i see if u put the stories togeather its like this.

emma hacked my acc why i was offline,i got on to see my bank was gone i said wow wtf im ganna quit,but i said that 2 myself thinking you cleared my bank,but now i see emma xfered it all saying i was quitin why she was on my acc and then u found the acc n deleted it,so she got my acc cleard my bank deleted and worst of all she got me demoted.

emma wanted my items so she hacked me and flamed trying to get me banned so i couldnt get on to see what she did,but it backfired the acc she xfered my bank to got deleted an i didnt get banned i got wiped and demoted,and thats probly the reason you dont see emma anymore,she cant face me or you so she dosnt get on.

hope you get it now.... confused
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k john read this
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