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 the poseidon co app

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PostSubject: the poseidon co app   Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:21 pm


What can you do to provide the needs/wants of Trublue Community?
generally be me. i help new players but i also joke around with old ones.

What can you do to help the Players and fellow Staff Members of Trublue Community?
anything they ask to a limit, no giving out items. i learnt my lesson. i can tell new players what is good and i can uphold the server rules

How can you improve the Trublue Community?
generally be more helpful and try to keep new players

How long have you been playing?
a long time but quit for a period of time

How long are you active daily?
most of it

How loyal can and will be to the Trublue Community?

only server i play. and i try to be as active as possible

Why should you deserve more Powers and Responsibilitiys?
because i am a loyal player and gee's brother and a friend of john for around a year atleast

Reason why we (The Trublue Staff Members) should accept you to take on full responsibility has a Staff Member?
cause you all know me and trust me to a degree

There are certain rules you must follow by, or if accepted you wil be demoted, or can be rejected if not followed.
Please go read the Rules under Announcements, after doing so read the following rules of being a Staff Member.

Being part of the Trublue Community is a Great Honor to all of here supporting the Trublue Community, and what makes this one of the best Cumminity's is how our staff is treating you, and making your time with us more pleasant.
That being said, the rules for being a Staff Member are takin very serious and not always allowed a second chance.
All staff must help every player in need of assistance.
All staff must attend to every player if its stupid or not.
All staff must obey every rule and uphold there Power and Responsibility as a Staff Member.
All staff must be active at all times just incase a player is in need of help, if you do not show your as active, than you will be demoted until further notice.
All staff WILL NOT abuse any of there powers regardless of situation.
All staff WILL NOT disrespect any of other staff and must apply to any of the tasks set by Owner. (Owner Trublue)
All staff well understand and accept that later on when our Community grows, that new rules well be applied, and you here by agree to the terms and accept all Rules and the Rules that will be set in the future,
If you agree to these terms please say either (Yes/No)


enjoy denying it john Smile
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PostSubject: Re: the poseidon co app   Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:12 pm

Closed, Denied.


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the poseidon co app
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