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 hohoho for mod!

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PostSubject: hohoho for mod!   Sun Dec 19, 2010 8:34 pm

username: hohoho

what can you do to provide the needs/wants of trublue community? i will advertise everywhere, you tube rune locus etc....

what can you do to help the players and fellow staff members of trublue community? help the players if the are in need, and i do anything they ask me to do.

how can you improve the trublue community? i am friendly to people and i'm good with computers and programs, codes and etc..

how long have you been playing? i have been playing for about 7-8 days.

how long are you active daily? about 5 hours a day.

how loyal can and will be to the trublue community? i m very loyal about this server, if i wasnt loyal i wont even post this mod application.

reason why we ( the trublue staff) should acceptyou to take full responsibility as a staff member?

because i played tons of RSVP and rune scape im experienced and love to help people hard or easy i could do it Smile i will do everything i can to help the server and will definitely always help everyone Smile

there are certain rules you must follow by, or if accepted you wil be demoted, or can be rejected if not followed.
Please go read the Rules under Announcements, after doing so read the following rules of being a Staff Member.

Being part of the Trublue Community is a Great Honor to all of here supporting the Trublue Community, and what makes this one of the best Cumminity's is how our staff is treating you, and making your time with us more pleasant.
That being said, the rules for being a Staff Member are takin very serious and not always allowed a second chance.
All staff must help every player in need of assistance.
All staff must attend to every player if its stupid or not.
All staff must obey every rule and uphold there Power and Responsibility as a Staff Member.
All staff must be active at all times just incase a player is in need of help, if you do not show your as active, than you will be demoted until further notice.
All staff WILL NOT abuse any of there powers regardless of situation.
All staff WILL NOT disrespect any of other staff and must apply to any of the tasks set by Owner. (Owner Trublue)
All staff well understand and accept that later on when our Community grows, that new rules well be applied, and you here by agree to the terms and accept all Rules and the Rules that will be set in the future,
If you agree to these terms please say either (Yes/No)

Understand that if you say "No" you will be denied without any further Notice,

You must atleast get 2 other Staff Members to vote "Yes" and myself to look over and review your application befor accepting the terms, and if more than 3 Staff Members vote "No" and the Staff Members must give a reason why they vote "No" that being said, you must fix that issue, and than notify the Staff Members, to change vote, than i will review your application.
Thank you for joining Trublue Community, and applying for this application.

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PostSubject: Re: hohoho for mod!   Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:36 am

Actions are alot bigger than words. If you prove yerself then yer application would be considered but as of right now, it seems like you just joined for staff.

Happy Holidays!
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PostSubject: Re: hohoho for mod!   Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:50 am

hmm iv seen you ingame and you seem to be nice to each and every player,but your new,maybe aply agin after uv played awhile
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PostSubject: Re: hohoho for mod!   

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hohoho for mod!
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