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 A Beginners Guide (Updated)

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PostSubject: A Beginners Guide (Updated)   Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:46 am

Hello new or even old players! This guide will help you with questions that you might have or if you are confused!

Teleports are a very helpful tool to use when trying to find your way around the map faster! To locate your spells click on your magic book tab nd you will see various types of spells, depending on the type of spell book you have will effect the spells you see. You start off with a default spell book, to tele to different cities locate the "home teleport" it's the only one that can be clicked (to tell if you can use that spell it will be coloured instead of just a shade) Once you clicked it there are main cities to teleport to! There are also Pking, Skills, Bosses, and Minigames! To go to thos simple locate them, they will be on the teleport spells. If using Lunar spells they temporarily do not work, this will be resolved but for the mean time to teleport with these spells there are commands to teleport home type in "::home"

Magic Books
If you decide to switch magic books it is simple! Teleport home (Edgeville) nd to switch to Ancient Magicks click on the ancient altar (this atlar is a light brown with ancient simple) To switch to Lunar spells simply click on the Altar of Guthix. All of these are located north of the edgeville bank.

The xp rate is different then Runescape, it is more xp but not too high to get 99 in few minutes. This is a good thing in RSPS (runescape private servers) because this gives more of a reward for players to wear their skill cape, if everyone could get 99's easy then alot of accounts would be spawning nd the term pure loses it's respect because that is a account admired for it's time put into it. Now that you have started you can head over to level 3 man located north of edgeville bank nd train to a comfortable level till you think it is a good time to fight rock crabs. Rock crabs are a excellent way to train they have alot of hp but low level so they do not hit alot. I recommend fighting rock crabs at 20 to 99 (this means att,str,def,range,mage) Although if you decide to donate to Trublue you get the luxury to teleport to the "Donators Island" this island has various things to train on! There you can find "zombie pirates" these are low level monsters with amazing hp!

The amazing thing about Trublue is that you can train all the skills! This allows you to have fun playing impact not just for combat but also to have fun skilling! This being said here are rough steps to training a few of thos skills.
Prayer: To work on prayer collect any bones of your choice, daggonoth being the best. To get the most xp out of them use the bones on that altar located in home.Beware! USEING ANY ITEMS ON THE ALTAR WILL RESULT IN YOU LOSEING THAT ITEM! BECAREFUL WHEN TRAINING PRAYER WITH ITEMS ON HAND.
Slayer: To train this skill go to home teleport nd you will find the slayer master "Duradel" he will assign a slayer task nd you can go nd fight that monster! Once completed simply go back nd ask for another!
Fishing: To begin fishing get either a net, cage, or harpoon nd teleport to "skills" there you will find you have been sent to Camelot. Travel a little west nd along the shore you will find fishing spots.
Mining: To begin mining get a pic axe nd use the mining teleport located under the "skills" teleport nd begin hacking away at the rocks!
Smithing: To smith, after collecting your ore us that ore on the furnace in the smithing teleport. Some people may have some difficulty in this because when you want to smith click on the furnace and select the ore.

Farming: Gather yer farming seeds! To farm teleport to the farming selection nd simply use the seed on the patch. It will plant right away nd grow before yer eyes! Now pick the plant/herb nd watch yer level sore!
This are just a few skills that i find abit confusing to train. If there were any you would like me to go over just reply below.

I hope this guide has helped! If you have any questions please reply below or even add me ingame! My ign is "rawr" nd hope to see you ingame!
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PostSubject: Nice Guide   Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:28 pm

A good Guide we have here you have done 99% of the things right some good text formating and good use of colours.
All i can say is there is a few typing errors but other than that you realy helped me out.

And Woot First Post Is Sad But Still

Woot first post im officialy a noob
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A Beginners Guide (Updated)
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